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June 1993

Volume 43, 1993

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Advice to Youth Seeking to Go Down in History from the Editors of Time
If you go into politics, you are more likely to wind up a villain than a hero.

Denial of Rights Through Regulation
The regulatory taking of property implemented by the bureaucracy plunders the rights of property owners and produces a needless financial burden.

A Subtle Seizure
Private property should enjoy some protection against excesses by government.

Government Highways: Unsafe at Any Speed
Our roadkeepers expose us to senseless risk of injury and death.

Saving Sick Children from State Science
State officials attempt to ascribe a certainty to science and medicine that is impossible to achieve.

In Defense of Property Rights and Capitalism
Capitalism is the political manifestation of the human condition.

Re-Regulating Airlines
Deregulation has increased air travel, lowered costs, and increased safety.

Rent Control and the Penultimate Solution
Rent control is not so benign as its proponents would like us to believe it is.

Sexual Harassment: What Is It?
A persecution of “wrong” attitudes toward women has begun.

Do No Harm
We must get the government out of medicine to provide the best care at an affordable cost.

Drug Policy and the Decline of American Cities by Sam Staley
The only realistic alternative to the drug war, Staley argues, is decriminalization.

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