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June 1984

Volume 34, 1984


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A Page on Freedom: Number 7

June 01 1984 by ,

Capitalism Versus Comte

June 01 1984 by ,

Freedom and Democracy

October 01 1970 by ,

The concepts may be related, but the words are not interchangeable.

The Davis-Bacon Act

June 01 1984 by ,

George Wythe of Williamsburg

June 01 1984 by ,

“Nothing would advance me faster in the world,” wrote a young law student, “than the reputation of having been educated by Mr. Wythe, for such a man as he casts a light upon all around him.”[1] So wrote William Munford as he summed up the attitude of the more ambitious youths of revolutionary Virginia. To be taught by George Wythe—as were Henry Clay, Thomas Jefferson, John Marshall and “enough other founding fathers to populate a small standing army”[2]—was the first step on the road to success.

A Reviewers Notebook: Behind Enemy Lines

June 01 1984 by ,

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