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June 1979

Volume 29, 1979


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A Strategy for the War of Ideas

June 01 1979 by ,

Why scholarly books are the best ammunition in the struggle for the truth about freedom.

Nutrition Planning

June 01 1979 by ,

Critical shortcomings seen in proposed governmental food policy.

Amazing Strange

June 01 1979 by ,

The remarkable consequences of the removal of milk from price control.

Around the World . . .

June 01 1979 by ,

This distinguished scholar shares some impressions gained during an 80-day cruise on the QE2.

Excess Losses

June 01 1979 by ,

In terms of consumer satisfaction, resources are better used to generate profit than to show a loss.

The Nature of Work

June 01 1979 by ,

Let the parent help the child adopt and follow goal-oriented procedures of a constructive nature.

Input Slavery and Output Slavery

June 01 1979 by ,

In open competition, neither employees nor employers are exploited.

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1979/6

June 01 1979 by ,

"The Right and Wrong of Compulsion by the State, and Other Essays" by Auberon Herbert.

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