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June 1967

Volume 17, 1967


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Security with a Vengeance

June 01 1967 by ,

Compulsory sharing of wealth for the benefit of consumers has the sorry effect of diminishing the capital and tools that provide employment opportunities.

Power: 1. History

June 01 1967 by ,

Dr. George Roche here reviews the history of the uses and abuses of political power, and in subsequent articles will examine some modern manifestations and their effects and look to the prospects for curbing these excesses.

Equality: The Level of Mediocrity

June 01 1967 by ,

A low level of mediocrity is the best that can be expected, suggests Dr. Howard Kershner, from penalizing the successful.

Private Ownership... A Must

June 01 1967 by ,

Henry Hazlitt points out that the imitators of capitalism are unlikely to secure its blessings until they understand and respect the property rights of owners.

Erasmus, Reform, and the Remnant

June 01 1967 by ,

Even our moral affairs, if we would heed the teachings of Erasmus of Rotterdam, depend for improvement upon the responsible behavior of individuals.

The Economics of Price Fixing

June 01 1967 by ,

Professor D. T. Armentano offers a timely warning against the latest reformist efforts at price control.

Antitrust and the Fears of Bigness

June 01 1967 by ,

Those who fail to understand why the same company shouldn't be allowed to sell both soap and Clorox will want to share Harold Fleming's latest look at antitrust policies.

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1967/6

June 01 1967 by ,

John Chamberlain checks his recollections of The First New Deal against those recorded by Raymond Moley.

Professor Alexander Evanoff finds valuable ore and numerous nuggets as he digs Deeper Than You Think with Leonard Read.

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