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June 1966

Volume 16, 1966


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Please Step Aside

June 01 1966 by ,

Professor Roche reminds us that Diogenes knew, several hundred years ago, that the individual could not survive the blessings of the Great Society.

Socialism by Seduction

June 01 1966 by ,

The seductive lure of government intervention, however, continues to blind citizens to the inevitable accompanying controls, finds William Henry Chamberlin.

How Price Control Leads to..... Socialism

June 01 1966 by ,

And Professor Mises explains precisely the sequence to absolute control when the government starts tampering with the market to help someone.

Private Rights & Government: Liberty and Authority

June 01 1966 by ,

Almost half a century ago, and prior to his appointment to the Supreme Court, Justice George Sutherland pointed out with prophetic insight and clarity the vital role of government in defending - or destroying - private rights.

Some Thoughts On Censorship

June 01 1966 by ,

The Reverend Mr. Opitz suggests that, rather than a law to prevent the writing and reading of intellectual garbage, we need more freedom - which will afford a better diet for the mind.

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1966/6

June 01 1966 by ,

John Chamberlain finds that he had forgotten more than the Treasury experts seemed to know about Gresham's law, as he reviews Wooden Nickels by William Rickenbacker.

Private Enterprise in the Public Interest

June 01 1966 by ,

The 1965 Annual Report of the United States Steel Corporation points out clearly how the public interest is well served by private enterprise.

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