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July/August 2013

Volume 63, 2013


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Collectivized Children

All Your Kids Are Belong to Us
June 05 2013 by ,

A controversial ad claiming that children belong to the community underscores how fully the State education apparatus disrupts the children's education within real families and real communities. 

IRS Targeting: As Predictable as Politics

June 06 2013 by ,

The IRS's targeting of Tea Party groups was only par for the course. All government actions are best viewed as political actions. 


Coca-Cola Confronts the Politics of Obesity
June 03 2013 by ,

Coca-Cola just became the latest company to knuckle under to public health bullying.

Did Capitalism Give Us the Laugh Track?

May 30 2013 by ,

Television shows full of bad jokes written for laugh tracks instead of people seem like proof that the market caters to the lowest common denominator. A closer look at the history of the laugh track tells a different story. 

Oil! Price Discovery and Regulation

May 20 2013 by ,

Thanks to regulations at the pump, the price of gasoline has less than ever to do with supply and demand in the oil market, disrupting the market's price-discovery mechanism. 


The Great Power Auction

July 03 2013 by ,

It's time for State power to be broken up and decentralized. It's going to take a lot of innovation to do it. 

Can We Correct Democracy?

June 04 2013 by ,

A democracy focused on the rejection of unpopular laws would allow for a broader electorate and a more immediate expression of voters' wills. It would also limit the worst excesses of the State.

The Market: This Time It’s Personal

The Other Side of the Impersonal Market
July 12 2011 by ,

Freedom of movement, in physical and social space, is the essence of the free society.

Advice to Young, Unemployed Workers

May 16 2013 by ,

Times are tough for young workers—especially since they've mostly been lied to throughout their lives. Coming to terms with some hard truths now, though, will give them the chance to thrive. 

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