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July/August 2008

Volume 58, 2008

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Whom Should We Thank for High Gas Prices?
Don't Direct Your Wrath at Big Oil

Net Neutrality or Government Brutality?
Lack of flexible pricing could hurt consumers.

On Baseball and Capital Markets
Games Can Be Instructive

Big Brother Is Watching as He's Never Watched Before
The TSA's False Dichotomy Is as Absurd as the Agency Itself

Government Workers Are America's New Elite
Why Should Government Employees Get Special Treatment?

Torture and Liberty
The Existence of Perils Cannot Justify Absolute Power

Character, Liberty, and Economics
The missing ingredient in the struggle against statism.

Psychiatry Versus Liberty
Involuntary "Treatment for Mental Illness" Should Not Be a Universally Accepted Social Institution

The Recurring Crisis
The Fed Keeps Trying to Postpone the Day of Reckoning

The Conceit of the Regulators
Would Multibillion-Dollar Companies Jeopardize Customer Safety Without Government Oversight?

Hands Off "Windfall" Profits
Governments Should Not Declare Profits "Excessive" and Confiscate Them

The Fed Should Inflate to End the Financial Crisis?
Continued Inflation Would Postpone the Day of Reckoning

Book Reviews - July 2008

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