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July/August 2004

Volume 54, 2004

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Whose Airwaves Are They?
There Is Nothing Peculiar About the Broadcast Spectrum to Justify Collectivization

The Lasting Legacy of the Reagan Revolution
Reagan Was Not Fooled by Emotional and Illogical Rationales for Government Regulation

The Most Insidious Tax
Inflation Is a Subtle Second Tax

The Big We Really Need to Beware
We Can't Fault Free Enterprise for Violations by Big Government

House of Aces
Mental Illness Is Considered a Real and Treatable Disease in the Age of Biological Psychiatry

Herbert Spencer: Libertarian Prophet
Textbook Summaries of Spencer Are Absurd

Tariffs Are Legal Plunder
Tariffs Result in a Net Loss to the National Economy

Free Markets Blossom in Vietnam
Private Businesses Clog the Sidewalks of Vietnam's Major Cities

Why Did the National Road Fail?
Political Motives, Not Economic Ones, Dominate Government-Spending Decisions

Gulag: A History
A Narrative on the Origin, Purpose, Workings and Reality of the Soviet Union's Forced-Labor Prison System

Diversity in America: Keeping the Government at a Safe Distance
Impenetrable to Anyone Outside the Policy Elite

The Language Police: How Pressure Groups Restrict What Students Learn
A Powerful Indictment of American Textbook Publishing

Education Is the Effect, Not the Cause, of Affluence
Government Fiat Cannot Eliminate Endemic Misery

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