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July 2002

July 2002

Volume 52, 2002

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This Is America?
Our Liberties Are Being Usurped by Petty Tyrants

Lady Godiva, Where Are You?
Rulers Have Long Wrung Riches from Their Subjects

On Freedom of Association
Why Doesn't Freedom of Association Apply in Labor Markets?

Ripping Up Barstools for the Consumer's Sake!
Who Is Right: The Customer or the Government?

The Mugging of an Environmental Skeptic
Lomborg's Book Is Meticulously Researched

Plum Deal
Who Benefits from Agricultural Subsidies?

Lafcadio Hearn
An Independent Thinker Ahead of His Time

No More Subsidies for Higher Education
Formal Education Isn't the Only Path to Career Success

Chairs, Hamburgers, and Persons
Collectivism Places Abstractions above Individuals

Nickel and Damned: Barbara Ehrenreich's View of America
Human Success Stories Reveal a Different Reality Than Ehrenreich's Minimum-Wage Hell

Chicken or Egg: Rights and Government
Individual Rights Precede Law and Government

Beware the History Police
Principles Are Worth Preserving, Too

Washington's Inadvertent Support for Cuban Communism
American Trade, Investment, and Travel Would Challenge Castro's Government

Insanity and Intolerance
Psychiatric Slavery Is a Fatal Flaw in the American Ideal

An Open Letter to My Parents
How Do Children Become Good Citizens of a Free Society?

What Protects Consumers and Workers?
Competition Promotes the Interests of the Ordinary Person

An Honor Deserved, A Champion of Freedom Mourned
Peter Bauer Dies at 86

Enron Shows Need for More Regulation?
How Regulation Made the Enron Crisis More Severe

Going Up the River: Travels in a Prison Nation
The American Prison System Is an International Disgrace

Love and Economics: Why the Laissez-Faire Family Doesn't Work
A Compelling Case for the Connection between Love and Economics

A Primer on America's Schools
Who Should Decide What Students Learn?

The Race to the Top
Globalization Is Good for Everyone

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