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July 2001

July 2001

Volume 51, 2001

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The Smart-Growth Scam
Only Someone Totally Disregarding the Facts Could Favor Smart-Growth Policies

Sunshine and the 21st Century
We May Need a Greater Awareness of Seemingly Insignificant Political Shifts

Drastic Measures: The Metric Assault on American Standards
An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure

Rights in Ideas Infringe Rights in Tangible Property
The Copyright System Ought to Be Abolished

Adventures in Zoning
Governments Don't Write Rules to Protect Private Interests

A Race to the Bottom
Who Benefits from High Prices and Low Supplies?

The Steps to Economic Freedom
Poverty Is a Political Choice

James J. Hill: Transforming the American Northwest
Hill Was One of the Greatest Entrepreneurs in American History

Deposit Insurance versus Branch Banking: The S&L Debacle
What Sealed the S&Ls' Fate?

Prohibition Hasn't Ended Yet
Special Interest-Serving Laws Restrict Wine Imports to Michigan

Balkan Stupidities
America Should Bring Its Troops Home

Reducing the Cost of Reducing Pollution
Reducing Pollution at Least Cost Requires a Lot of Information

Where Are the Best Schools in Austrian Economics?
Where to Go for Libertarian-Friendly Higher Education

Lifestyle Nazi Update
Incrementalism Is the Strategy of Tyrants

Honesty at Last
Payroll Deductions Are Taxes, Too

Capitalists Should Love the Estate Tax?
The Estate Tax Fails to Respect Property Rights

Karl Marx: A Life by Francis Wheen
Marx Was Not a Man of Science

To America's Health: A Proposal to Reform the Food and Drug Administration by Henry I. Miller
Miller's Plan Would Vastly Improve the Situation in the United States

Irrational Exuberance by Robert J. Shiller
Theories about Economic Debacles Must Observe the Role of Government Policy

That's Not What We Meant to Do: Reform and Its Unintended Consequences in Twentieth-Century America by Steven M. Gillon
Gillon Should Learn Some Economics

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