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July 1999

Volume 49, 1999

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Immoral, Unconstitutional War
Bombing Yugoslavia Is an Incredible Foreign Policy Blunder

The Kosovo Tangle
Serbs and Albanians Have Mutually Incompatible Claims

Remembering and Inventing: A Short History of the Balkans
How Chauvinistic and Expansionist National Ideologies Created Yugoslavia's Problems

"Foreign Policy" Is a Euphemism

Another Place, Another War
There Is No Humanitarianism in War

War's Other Casualty
War Is the Ultimate Act of Statehood

Spontaneous Order

Croaking Frogs
Should We Spend $9 Million to Research Deformed Frogs?

Warmongering for Peace
Washington No Longer Views War as a Last Resort

Clinton versus Cleveland and Coolidge on Taxes
Americans Should Work Less for the Government and More for Themselves

Suicide as a Moral Issue
Who Should Control When and How We Die?

In the Absence of Private Property Rights
Why Do People See Property Rights as the Source of Economic Problems?

Dismal Scientists Score Another Win
Economic Value Added Accounts for the Opportunity Cost of Capital

Ignorance Is Bliss—Maybe
We Have Given an Aura of Legitimacy to Extortion

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