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July 1998

Volume 48, 1998

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For the Children
The Boundaries of Child-Centered Concern Have Expanded to Include Government Action

The Heritage We Owe Our Children
Our Founding Fathers Declared Their Independence from Despotism

Educational Decarceration
Public Education Is Based on the Prison Concept

Guess Who Paved the Road to Socialized Medicine?
Republicans Helped Create the Largest Health-Care Entitlement in 30 Years

Let's Not Throw American Medicine into Boston Harbor
Both the Type of Insurance and the Payment Mechanism Are at Fault in American Health Care

Climate-Change Worries in the Eighteenth Century
Members of England's Lunar Society Feared Global Cooling

Should There Be a Carbon Subsidy?
Increased Carbon Dioxide May Be Generating Social Benefits

The Taiwan Model
What Conditions Have Led Taiwan to Succeed Against All Odds?

The Wild West Meets Cyberspace
Government Intervention Will Stifle the Internet's Freedom

Whose Rules? Whose Law?
The President Is Creating New Government Programs Without Congress

Milton Friedman, Ex-Keynesian
Friedman Flirted with Keynesian Economics in the Early 1940s

Billions for a Misconception
We Don't Need World Population Control

America's Permanent Criminal Class
Becoming a Member of the Political Class Almost Automatically Turns One into a Professional Criminal

Such a Deal!
Consumption by the Rich Makes Us All Better Off

Social Cooperation and the Marketplace
Free Markets Call to Action Those in the Best Position to Respond

Social Justice

What Is the American Constitution?
Ideas, Not Words, Are Its Principal Ingredient

The Fire of Invention: Civil Society and the Future of the Corporation
A Great Introduction to the Subject of the Morality of the Corporation

1998 Index of Economic Freedom
We Have a Huge Battle for Freedom Before Us

The Twenty-First Century City
Cities Can Solve Their Own Problems Through Common Sense and Reliance on the Market

The Origins of the Public School

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