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July 1997

Volume 47, 1997

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Rudolph Rummel Talks About the Miracle of Liberty and Peace
Like Gangs, Powerful Governments Can Steal, Rape, Torture, and Kill on a Whim

The Amazing Creative Power of One
Everything Around Us Was Invented, Designed, or Developed by Some Individual

A Victim of Wetlands Regulations
How the Army Corps of Engineers Turned James Wilson into a Criminal

A Roundup:Taxation Without Justice
Taxes Seldom Reflect Principles of Justice

Communitarians and Slavery
Protecting Individual Rights Helps to Secure the Common Good

Robert A. Heinlein's Soaring Spirit of Liberty
A Man Whose Stories Have Inspired Generations

The Predatory Bogeyman
Predatory Price-Cutting Theory Falls Apart in the Real World

Taxing Time
Americans Must Demand Tax Reform

The Market: The Only Trustworthy Pollster
Polls Cannot Uncover What People Want in an Economically Relevant Sense

Libertarians and Liberalism: Essays in Honour of Gerard Radnitzky edited by Hardy Bouillon
Chock Full of Brilliant Insights and Devastating Arguments

The Long Affair: Thomas Jefferson and the French Revolution, 1785-1800 by Conor Cruise O'Brien
A Polemic Masquerading as a Serious Work of History

The Disadvantages of Being Educated edited by Robert M. Thornton
A Semi-Religious Experience

The Unknown Lenin, From the Secret Archive, edited by Richard Pipes
A Volume That Throws New Light on the Man Chiefly Responsible for the World's First Communist State

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