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July 1996

Volume 46, 1996


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Restoring Parental Responsibility for Education

Separation of School and State Would Re-Establish Parents' Rights and Responsibilities
June 30 1996 by ,

Education: What About the Poor?

Government Education Harms Low-Income Children Most Severely
July 01 1996 by ,

Teachers Unions: Are the Schools Run for Them?

No Simple Reform Will Break the Power of Teachers' Unions
July 01 1996 by ,

Government Licensing: The Enemy of Employment

How Come Many People Who Want to Work Can't Find Jobs?
July 01 1996 by ,

When Entrepreneurs Become Victims

Why Did the FTC Pursue the Publisher of Hooked on Phonics?
July 01 1996 by ,

Liberty and Responsibility: Inseparable Ideals

Liberty Is Vulnerable to Decay into Mere License
July 01 1996 by ,

Rejecting Responsibility

The Actions of Well-Intentioned Do-Gooders Continue to Plague Us
July 01 1996 by ,

The Virtues of Competition

Competition Encourages Better Performance
July 01 1996 by ,

Alexis de Tocqueville: How People Gain Liberty and Lose It

Tocqueville Warned That a Welfare State Could Seduce People Into Servitude
July 01 1996 by ,

Alexis de Tocqueville was a gentleman-scholar who emerged as one of the world's great prophets. More than a century and a half ago, when most people were ruled by kings, he declared that the future belonged to democracy. He explained what was needed for democracy to work and how it could help protect human liberty. At the same time, he warned that a welfare state could seduce people into servitude. He saw why socialism must lead to slavery.

How Real Is the Asian Economic Miracle?

Free-Market Reforms Spur Economic Growth
July 01 1996 by ,

The post-war Asian economic miracle has come as a great shock to the economics profession. In my review of the top-ten textbooks (Economics on Trial, Irwin, 1993), few economists tell the wonders of Japanese prosperity and none reveals the secrets of the Four Tigers (Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, and Taiwan) or the newly industrialized economies (Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand).

Mixing Public and Private

Halfway Measures to Reform Public Schools Are a Waste of Time
July 01 1996 by ,

Is private, for-profit management compatible with tax-funded public schools?

Private Prejudice, Private Remedy

Racial Norming Makes the Most Elemental Decisions Political
July 01 1996 by ,

Jobs and Trade

Free Trade Is Fair Trade
July 01 1996 by ,

It's No Manufactured Crisis

Parents Have the Right to Choose a Better Education for Their Children
July 01 1996 by ,

The Lost City: Discovering the Forgotten Virtues of Community in the Chicago of the 1950s

Ehrenhalt's Book Is Like an Opened Time Capsule
July 01 1996 by , ,

Hazardous to Our Health? FDA Regulation of Health Care Products

The FDA Deprives Us of Choice
July 01 1996 by , ,

A History of the Mont Pelerin Society

The MPS Intellectual Push for a Free Society Has Ever Been Uphill
July 01 1996 by , ,

Human Action

Mises Greatly Enlarged the Field of Economics
July 01 1996 by ,

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