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July 1978

Volume 28, 1978


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The Specter of "Unused Capacity"

July 01 1978 by ,

Industry averages fail to consider why particular companies may desire more or less plant capacity.

We the People

July 01 1978 by ,

Concerning each person's responsibility if we are to preserve freedom and prosper.

A Christian View of Labor Unions

July 01 1978 by ,

Why a compulsory monopoly has to have victims on the outside.

What Government Officials Cannot Know

July 01 1978 by ,

Changing values and expectations of individuals are reflected in market, not governmental, actions.

The Mystery of Inflation

July 01 1978 by ,

The distinction between commodity money and paper substitutes.

Ideas that Serve

July 01 1978 by ,

How business is built through serving customersand lost when they are no longer satisfied.

The Law Also Is Polluted

July 01 1978 by ,

Respectable law is upheld largely through moral conviction rather than at the point of a gun.

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1978/7

July 01 1978 by ,

"The Totalitarian Temptation" by Jean-Francois Revel

"Two Cheers for Capitalism" by Irving Kristol

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