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July 1964

Volume 14, 1964


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Competition, Unions, and Antitrust

July 01 1964 by ,

When an outstanding authority on labor policy as well as antitrust legislation covers both topics in one article, it runs long; but we thought you'd want it in one piece rather than serialized.

You Cant Strike Against the Market

July 01 1964 by ,

That decision led to the next to make this something of a special issue on labor policy; hence, the article by Harry Smith on why strikes can't accomplish their purpose in the marketplace.

Are We Enslaved by Machines?

July 01 1964 by ,

Mallory Cross explains the relationship between the availability and use of tools and the level of living of a people - the automation problem in a new light.

Free Trade: Domestic and Foreign

July 01 1964 by ,

Dean Russell lectured recently in Guatemala, dealing in part with the hopeful prospects for trade between people and nations of different levels of income.

The Land of Free Choice

July 01 1964 by ,

Charles Roberts finds that the current issues on Civil Rights are also an integral part of the problems of labor relations and policy.

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1964/7

July 01 1964 by ,

And John Chamberlain has found a trio of recent books on labor matters that seem worthy of review.

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