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Volume 64, 2014


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The Reluctant Visionary

Nanotechnology-driven manufacturing will change our world in fundamental ways—but we shouldn’t get too worked up about it
November 27 2013 by ,

Advances in fields not explicitly related to nanotech have us poised on the verge of a fourth revolution that could be every bit as disruptive as the agricultural, industrial, and digital ones—but on a far vaster scale. Just ignore the hype (and the backlash it has created). 

Free Money for Everyone

Radical entrepreneurship in Bitcoin makes it the exemplar
November 11 2013 by ,

The surge of entrepreneurship around Bitcoin includes solutions to asymmetrical information problems that might hold back its acceptance.

A Bitcoin for Your Thoughts

An interview with a full-time Bitcoin trader
November 11 2013 by ,

What’s it really like to live with BTC? We decided to ask a BTC trader, who wishes to remain anonymous, for some commentary from the inside of the BTC community.

What Are We For?

Libertarians can offer a positive, optimistic alternative vision of society
December 04 2013 by ,

Libertarians don't have to be able to predict exactly how society would look if it were libertarian. But we do have to know what we're for, not just what we're against.

The Paradox of Voting

“We as a society” does not exist
December 03 2013 by ,

Politicians like to claim the backing of "we as a society" for their favored policies. When they use the phrase, it means (if it means anything) that they want to impose the current whims of one group of society on everyone else. 

Black Death and Taxes

They had more to do with each other than you might think
November 25 2013 by ,

The plague and the Little Ice Age didn't do Europe any favors. But the excesses of the State amplified the damage.


Effectively Irrational

30 common fallacies used against libertarians
November 13 2013 by ,

If you've ever gotten into a "discussion," especially on social media, you've probably encountered more than your share of questionable debate tactics. We list a few you can expect if you start in. Add your own in the comments section. 

Dead Models vs. Living Economics

Free-market economists against “perfect competition”
November 21 2013 by ,

Markets don't function with perfect efficiency, because they're made up of human beings. Conflating perfect competition with free-market economics fuels the general backlash against free markets.

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