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January/February 2008

Volume 58, 2008


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Wildfires and State-Worship

Private Markets, Not Government, Are Best Equipped to Manage Wildfire Prevention and Firefighting
January 01 2008 by ,

Congestion Pricing: The Road to the Surveillance State

Cameras and Tolls Won't Save Us from Government-Congested Roads
January 01 2008 by ,

Prosecutorial Indiscretion

Immunity violates liberty.
January 01 2008 by ,

The Game of Politics

Liberals Impose Taxes on Citizens So Politicians Can Do What They Want
January 01 2008 by ,

Volunteer Railways in Britain

How Voluntarism Successfully Provides a Public Service sans Socialism or Capitalism
January 01 2008 by ,

The Free Market versus the Interventionist State

The Interventionist State Is Based on Coercion and Violence, Not Human Liberty
January 01 2008 by ,

The Constitution or Liberty

Context is crucial.
September 21 2012 by ,

Alas, in the eyes of at least some framers, Article I, Section 8, did not exhaust the national government’s powers.

Madison's Veto Sets a Precedent

The Founding Fathers First Asked Whether Government Spending Was Constitutional
January 01 2008 by ,

Don't Look to Government to Cool Down the Planet

A Strong Economy Will Help Us Adapt to Climate Change
January 01 2008 by ,

Economics and Property Rights

Private Property Rights Produce Greater Wealth, Prosperity, and Efficient Resource Allocation
January 01 2008 by ,

The Fed Didn't Bail Out Wall Street?

The Layman's Knee-Jerk Hostility toward Rich Financiers and the Fed Is Justified
January 01 2008 by ,

Book Reviews - January 2008

January 01 2008 by ,

  • The Cure: How Capitalism Can Save American Health Care
    by David Gratzer Reviewed by Jane M. Orient
  • Self-Determination: The Other Path for Native Americans
    Edited by Terry L. Anderson, Bruce L. Benson, and Thomas F. Flanagan Reviewed by William L. Anderson, Jr.
  • The Wal-Mart Revolution
    by Richard Vedder and Wendell Cox Reviewed by George Leef
  • On the Wealth of Nations
    by P.J. O'Rourke Reviewed by Raymond J. Keating

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