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January/February 2007

Volume 57, 2007

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The Euro versus Currency Competition
The Euro is a Less Attractive Monetary Regime than the Preceding System of National Currencies

Big Government--Big Risk
Those Who Trade Liberty for Security Get Neither

Trans-Fattened Government

Climate Change: What if They're Right?
Government Fixes for Climate Change Promise Big Costs with Little to No Benefits

Open-Source Software: Who Needs Intellectual Property?
IP Is Not A Prerequisite for Innovation or Even Profit

The Sovereign Presidency: Is This What the Framers Had in Mind?
Unitary Executive Theory Promotes Broad Presidential Power and Infallibilty

The Fed's Potent Power
The Fed's Manipulation of the Money Supply Distorts Interest Rates and Thus Economic Activity

Global Warming and the Layman

Remembering Julian Simon
Simon Was a Pioneer in Disproving Faulty Environmentalist Assumptions

Europe Meets America: Property Rights in the New World
Property Rights Create Peace and Prosperity

Aid, Trade, and Institutional Quality in Africa
Increased Aid in a Poor Policy Environment is Likely to Make Things Worse

Private Neighborhoods and the Transformation of Local Government

Smart Economics: Commonsense Answers to 50 Questions about Government, Taxes, Business, and Households

Stalin: A Biography

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