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January/February 2006

Volume 56, 2006

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Still Neither Left Nor Right
The Great Political Dichotomy Is Not between Left and Right, but between Those Who Advocate Force and Those Who Value Liberty

Fifty Years Later
Leonard Read Made Liberalism Easy and Inviting

The Trade Deficit Lowers Our Living Standard?
Myths About the Trade Deficit Abound

Capitalism and Natural Disasters
Prosperity Saves Lives

The Government-Created Right-to-Work Issue
Are RTW Laws Consistent with the Freedom Philosophy?

<i>The Freeman</i>: Through the Years
Promoting the Case of Traditional Liberalism and Individual Freedom

<i>The Freeman</i>: Ideas on Liberty
Consistently and Continuously Standing Against the Fallacies and Clichés of Politics

The Freeman: An Eyewitness View
How Today's Freeman Came To Be

Reflections on <i>The Freeman</i>
FEE's Publication Has Changed Lives

If There Were No Capitalism
Capitalism Stimulates Revival and Progress

Uncle Sam's Flood Machine
The Government Should Get Out of the Flood Insurance Business

The Day the Glue Came Undone
The Liberal Market Order Produces More Than Material Wealth

The Moral Consequences of Economic Growth
A Harvard Professor Ignores Fundamental Economics

The Politics of Liberty in England and Revolutionary America
On the Origins of the Baffling Reverence for Government

State of Fear
Global Environmental Catastrophe Is Not Inevitable

A Patriot’s History of the United States: From Columbus’s Great Discovery to the War on Terror
A Readable and Persuasive Narrative

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