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January/February 2005

Volume 55, 2005

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Global Corruption and the Interventionist State
When Government Is Limited to Protecting Our Lives and Property, There Will Be Little Left to Buy and Sell Politically

Government, Fiscal Responsibility, and Free Banking
Monetary and Fiscal Reform Is Inseperable from the Desire for Personal and Economic Liberty

Ayn Rand: A Centennial Appreciation
Rand's Was a Comprehensive Revolution That Encompassed All Levels of Social Relations

A Consensus Society
The Only Consensus Appropriate for a Society Is Freedom

Selling the Free Market to Nonbelievers
Explaining the Free Market from Liberals' Side of the Fence

Yo, Brooklyn! Get Real About Politics and Sports
There Is No Reason to Use Eminent Domain or Tax Breaks to Build Stadiums

The Vision of William P. Lear
An Example of Entrepreneurship and Persistence That Bettered the Lives of Countless People

The Tobacco-Quota Buyout: More Legal Plunder
There Is No Economic, Legal, or Ethical Reason to Compensate Those Who Have Benefited from a Government-Enforced Cartel

Thomas Garrett and the Underground Railroad
A Story Omitted from American History Texts

America Needs Socialized Medicine?
Krugman Would Crush the Best of Medical Care

Drops and Splashes
Beware of People Who Demand That Government Make Big Splashes

Moral Alchemy
The Welfare State Seeks to Keep Men in Perpetual Childhood

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