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January 1998

January 1998

Volume 48, 1998

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High Plains Drifters: Politicians’ Lucrative Protection Racket
Politicians Have More Than One Way to Raise Money

White Magic
Unimaginable Results Flow from Leaving Others Free to Act Creatively

Economics, Law, and Personal Relationships
Contract Law Provides Logical Examples for Personal Relationship Law

The Tobacco Deal: Myths and Misconceptions
Clinton's Proposal Is an Unconstitutional Attack on the Rule of Law

Roads Without the State
Privatizing Roads and Highways Would Improve Traffic Flows, Road Quality, and Safety

Who Pays the Price for Motherhood?
Health-Insurance Mandates Increase Costs for Everyone, Making Coverage Unaffordable

Henry Ford and the Triumph of the Auto Industry
Ford Had the Vision, Perseverance, and Ability to Make Cars for the Multitude

Democracy Would Doom Hong Kong
What Hong Kong Really Needs Is an Enlightened Constitution

Elections, Extortion, and Unions
Unions Have a Well-Deserved Reputation for Aggression and Violence

One Freedom
Freedom Is Not a Smorgasbord from Which One Picks and Chooses

Individualism and Freedom: Vital Pillars of True Communities
The Function of the State Is No More Than to Protect People

Why Are Austrians Unusually Bearish?
Long Term, U.S. GDP Looks Dynamic and Progressive

The Attack on Concentration

Food for Thought
We Can't Judge Private Programs against Perfection and Public Programs against Mere Good Intentions

Global Politics, Political Warming
Policymakers Should Treat Global Warming as a Political Issue

Bill Gates, Philanthropist
Excessive Charity Can Harm Society

Ring in the New!
We Who Cherish Liberty Have Our Work Cut Out for Us

Is Politics Insoluble? by Henry Hazlitt edited by Felix Livingston
Chock Full of Vintage Hazlitt Wisdom

New York by the Numbers: State & City in Perpetual Crisis by Raymond J. Keating
A Data- and Graph-Filled Book on New York's Game of Fiscal and Regulatory Russian Roulette

Unintended Consequences by John Ross
A Novel about the Catastrophic Consequences of Massive Government Regulation

The Big Lie: What Every Baby Boomer Should Know About Social Security and Medicare by A. Haeworth Robertson
A Concise, Angry, and Hard-Hitting Look at One of the Greatest Frauds Perpetrated on the American Public

The Menace of Multiculturalism by Alvin J. Schmidt
Multiculturalism Relies on a Level of Doublespeak That Would Have Shocked Even Orwell

A Matter of Interpretation: Federal Courts and The Law by Antonin Scalia
A Powerful Judicial Elite Determines Our Rights

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