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January 1996

Volume 46, 1996

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Why Mass Media Mergers Are Meaningless
The Old Media Empires Are Modern-Day Dinosaurs Headed for Extinction

Seizure Fever: The War on Property Rights
What Pretext Does the State Need to Claim a Citizen's Property?

Building Code Blues
Building Safety Should Arise from the Spontaneously Coordinated Interests of Those with a Financial Stake in a Property's Integrity

Predatory Unionism
Consumers Should Be Highly Skeptical of Unions' Claims

The Proper Scope of Democracy
Democracy Is No Excuse for Abandoning Basic Principles of Human Social Life

The Business-Ethics Quagmire
It Is Silly and Misleading to Present the Business World as Devoid of Morality

Freedom and Happiness
Economic Well-Being Makes Our Other Cultural, Intellectual, and Personal Accomplishments Possible

Liberty, Government, and the Rule of Law (excerpt)
Only True Law Can Provide True Liberty

On the Need for Social Coercion (excerpt)
There Is a Non-Coercive Solution to the Tragedy of the Commons Problem

Thomas Paine, Passionate Pamphleteer for Liberty
A Singleminded Private Individual Aroused Millions to Throw Off Their Oppressors

A Little Erosion of Liberty
Taking a Stand against Even Minor Assaults Is Critically Important

Customer Service, Government-Style
Taxpayers Are "Customers" of the IRS Like Convicts Are "Customers" of Prisons

From Liberalism to Tribalism
The Disenfranchisement of the Individual Means the Empowerment of Gangs

Ruinous Litigation
Economic Entitlement Fosters Confrontational Mores That Permeate All Walks of Life

Income Distribution

The Lustre of Gold
Only a 100 Percent Reserve Gold Standard Can Create Economic Growth and Stability

Loving Your Neighbor: A Principled Guide to Personal Charity
Small Scale Is Key to Charities' Success

The True State of the Planet
A Terrific Primer for the Man-on-the-Street Advocate of Free Markets

Saving the Planet with Pesticides and Plastic: The Environmental Triumph of High Yield Farming
High Yield Agriculture and Free Trade Best Protect Human Health and Environmental Resources

The Vision of the Anointed: Self-Congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy
Power-Hungry Egomaniacs Want Their Personal Preferences to Supersede Those of Everyone Else

The Tax Racket: Government Extortion from A to Z
The Income Tax Quells Economic Growth and Opportunity

Dark Rivers of the Heart
A Novel That Combines Emotional and Intellectual Arguments against Out-of-Control Government

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