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January 1995

Volume 45, 1995

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Score One for Tribalism
Tribalism Is Intolerant of Individual Rights

Ludwig von Mises (1881-1973): A Prophet Without Honor in His Own Land
Mises' Ideas, Based on Human Action Principles, Live On

Invasion of the Mind Snatchers
America Is Undergoing an Ideological Shift to Collectivism

Tacit Consent: A Quiet Tyranny
Is One Who Benefits from a Society Obligated to It?

How Important Is Your Vote?
Low Voter Turnout Does Not Endanger Our Political System

Private Property Ownership
Government Power Diminishes Our Private Property Rights

Private Property and Government Under the Constitution
Modern Intellectuals Do Not Take Private Property Seriously

A Matter of Principle: The Second American Revolution?
Voters Have Handed Liberalism a Stunning Repudiation at the Polls

The First Atomic Age: A Failure of Socialism
Even Democratic Governments Are Poor Managers of New Technology

Nuclear Power: Our Best Option
Nuclear Power Is Much Safer Than We've Been Taught

The Immorality of Social Security
Proponents Wrongly Argue That Social Security Is Humane, Compassionate, and Enlightened

Employer Mandates: A Threat to Employees
Hidden Costs Make Employer Mandates Politically Feasible

Economics on Trial
Does Austrian Business Cycle Theory Have Merit?

Second Thoughts: Myths and Morals of U.S. Economic History
A Collection of Historical Bumper Stickers by 28 Researchers

Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do: The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in a Free Society
The State Should Keep Out of Our Personal Affairs

The Fall of the Ivory Tower: Government Funding, Corruption, and the Bankrupting of Higher Education
Education Should Not Be a Federal Responsibility

Your Doctor Is Not In: Healthy Skepticism About National Health Care
Liberty Favors the Paying Patient

The History of Freedom
A Partial Insight into Acton's Inner Thoughts

Notes from FEE: Repeal, Repeal, Repeal
What Will the New Republican Congress Do?

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