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January 1994

January 1994

Volume 44, 1994

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Economic Warnings from Canada
If Americans Adopt Canadian Policies, We Will Get the Same Results

The Economic Way of Thinking, Part 4
Socialists Need Capitalism in Order to Survive

Mr. Dickens Was Right
The Law Reflects Its Society

Should The Government Kill People To Protect Their Health?
The FDA Causes Untold Suffering

What Is Government Waste?
Government Misuses Its Taxing Power to Demand and Command Wealth

The Moral Aspect of the Protective Tariff
Tariffs Provide Class Enrichment Through Legislation

We Need Free Trade In Deed As Well As Word
Free Trade Creates Wealth

Shipwrecked In New Jersey
A Federal Luxury Tax Drowned the U.S. Yacht-Building Industry

The Space Program: No Prize
We Must Open New Markets to Space Commerce

The Best Alternative
People Have Different Standards and Value Judgments

A Level Playing Field
New York's Health Insurance Law Encourages Laziness, Foolishness, and Failure

The Case For Homeschooling
Homeschooled Students Are Well-Educated and Well-Adjusted

A Reviewer's Notebook: The Politics Of Power
Readers Will Delight in Kirk's Storytelling Power

Green Delusions: An Environmentalist Critique of Radical Environmentalism
An Important Call for Ecological Sanity

On Liberty, Society, and Politics: The Essential Essays of William Graham Sumner
An Antidote to Half-Baked Liberal and Socialist Discourse

The Catholic Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism
Capitalism Has Important Religious Foundations

The Market, Competition and Democracy: A Critique of Neo-Austrian Economics
The Austrian School Is the Principal Intellectual Enemy of Marxism

The Creators: A History of Heroes of the Imagination
Human Creativity Has Overcome Substantial Obstacles

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