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January 1968

Volume 18, 1968


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January 01 1968 by ,

A successful saleslady explains the advantages of great expectations.

Commitment, Concern, and Apathy

January 01 1968 by ,

On the other hand, suggests Rochester University's President Wallis, so-called apathetic students often are more constructive than those who act thoughtlessly and irresponsibly.

John Quincy Adams: 1767-1848

January 01 1968 by ,

How would John Quincy Adams rate in the political polls were he to stand for office today?

Liberty and Property: One and Inseparable

January 01 1968 by ,

William Henry Chamberlin examines the vital link between liberty and property and shows that one is meaningless without the other.

To Be Different - and Free

January 01 1968 by ,

Another facet of freedom, explains Admiral Moreell, involves the variety that spices our lives.

Politics is Other People's Money

January 01 1968 by ,

They've discovered in Norway that "politics is other people's money."

Progress Means Change

January 01 1968 by ,

The equality, stability, security we seek from government, declares Lawrence Fertig, may mean an end to progress.

Demand Deposit Inflation

January 01 1968 by ,

Anthony Reinach tells why we must expect to be taxed by inflation until we learn to curb deficit spending by governments.

Why Worry

January 01 1968 by ,

If social security is as sound as government actuaries proclaim, why should anyone be forced to buy it?

Access to The Press: Who Decides

January 01 1968 by ,

Professor Merrill delves into aspects of freedom of the press often neglected by publicity-seeking minorities.

Caveat Emptor

January 01 1968 by ,

From Britain comes word that overprotection of consumers can destroy freedom of choice.

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