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January 1964

Volume 14, 1964


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Play Store Economics

January 01 1964 by ,

When youngsters play store, their pricing policy resembles that of the master planners in socialist societies - they have no actual market to reflect supply-demand situations and give meaningful prices.

Big Wars From Little Errors Grow

January 01 1964 by ,

The way to start a war, thinks Bill Dykes, is to mind someone else's business; so perhaps the way to peace with one's neighbor is to try leaving him alone.

The Greatest Family in History

January 01 1964 by ,

The Medici tried that, in fifteenth century Florence, with results unmatched in history. They set an example that survives after 500 years.

The UN Threat to the US

January 01 1964 by ,

Could Lorenzo the Magnificent have functioned as well through a United Nations Organization? William Henry Chamberlin has some reasonable doubts.

A Letter to the President

January 01 1964 by ,

A young man in Texas has fun imagining how he'd "get his fair share" if he were a river-boat captain.

DATA: A New Type of Give-Away Program

January 01 1964 by ,

Orien Johnson relates his experiences in a new approach to the problems of undeveloped peoples and foreign aid.

Professor Hutt on Keynesianism

January 01 1964 by ,

That the fallacies of the "new economics" can be understood and explained by a man from South Africa should afford hope for Americans.

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