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February 2003

Volume 53, 2003


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University Economics versus Austrian Economics

The Austrian School's Clear Association with Deductive Reasoning and Nonintervention May Leave Mainstream Economists Unimpressed
February 01 2003 by ,

Henry Ford, Upton Sinclair, and Limits on Consumer Choice

Capitalism Challenges Entrepreneurs to Provide Variety
February 01 2003 by , ,

How Government Disables Private Disability Insurance

SSDI Is Coercive and Economically Inefficient
February 01 2003 by ,

Take Your Bike Helmet to the Safety Museum

What's the Real Cost of Making Kids Wear Bike Helmets?
February 01 2003 by ,

Frankenstein Television

Why Should the Federal Government Mandate an End to Analog Television?
February 01 2003 by ,

Corporate Accounting: Still Evolving After All These Years

Regulation Doesn't Improve Accounting Standards
February 01 2003 by ,

They Take More than Half

Federal, State, Sales, Excise, and Property Taxes Add Up
February 01 2003 by , ,

New Laws Will Protect Americans from Snipers?

Tighter Gun Restrictions Won't Make Americans Safer
February 01 2003 by ,

Labor Freedom Makes Sense

Compulsory Unionism Is Immoral
February 01 2003 by ,

If compulsory unionism were put to a moral test, it would flunk without debate. Forcing a worker to join and pay dues to an organization he doesn't want to represent him is a manifest violation of that worker's free will and right of contract. It so happens that it also fails the economic test, as two recent studies strongly demonstrate.

James Madison: The Constitutional War President

War Emergencies Are Tests to Obey the Constitution
February 01 2003 by ,

No Shortcuts

Greater Shareholding Leads to Increased Government Activism and Regulation
February 01 2003 by ,

Seeing the World Plain

America's Prosperity and Liberty Are Rare in This World
February 01 2003 by ,

Self Interest, Part I

Self-Interest Staves Off a Tyranny of Busybodies
February 01 2003 by ,

Postconstitutional America?

Sacrificing Liberty Does Not Increase Security
February 01 2003 by ,

California’s War on Homeschoolers

Homeschooling One's Children Should Not Be a Crime
February 01 2003 by ,

The Invisible Heart: An Economic Romance, by Russell Roberts

A Lively Debate about the Morality of Capitalism
February 10 2003 by , ,

The Technology of Property Rights

Property Rights Emerge Through the Competitive Process
February 10 2003 by ,

The Trouble with Government

Government Is the Protector, Not Creator, of Rights
February 10 2003 by , ,

Economic Sentiments: Adam Smith, Condorcet, and the Enlightenment

The Latest Salvo in the Battle to Redefine Smith
February 11 2003 by , ,

The Opium of the Intellectuals

Every Reader Can Learn Much from Aron
February 11 2003 by , ,

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