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February 2002

Volume 52, 2002

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Can a Feminist Homeschool Her Child?
Leading Feminist Voices Are Silent or Ambivalent about Homeschooling

Putting a Human Face on Globalization

Subsidizing Failure Again . . . And Again, and Again, and Again
Does Amtrak Need More Taxpayer Dollars?

Give Me Your Tired
Do We Really Want Closed Borders?

Capitalism and Coercion
Why Do So Many People See Coercion Where There Is Free Will?

Energy Economics with Eyes Open
Price Controls Don't Adapt to Change

In Defense of Scalping
What's So Wrong about Ticket Scalping?

Scapegoating Gun Owners in South Africa
Legally Owned Firearms Are Rarely Used to Commit Crimes

Poverty and Wealth: India Versus Hong Kong
Can India Achieve Universal Opulence?

Making Terrorists Pay
Terrorism Victims Should Pursue Perpetrators' Assets

Split Decision
The Right to Keep and Bear Arms Is an Individual Right

Sound Bites and Unsound Decisions
The Decision-Making Process in Modern Government Is Tragic

Unions on the Run
Private-Sector Workers Don't Want Unions

And the Winner Is . . .
Economic Liberalization Increases Workers' Rights

It's Unpatriotic to Raise Prices After a Disaster?
Prices Ration Scarce Goods

Book Reviews - 2002/2

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