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February 1999

Volume 49, 1999

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On Airports and Individual Rights
Private Property Rights Offer a Solution to Largely Politicized Social Decision-Making

There's No Philadelphia in Europe
The European Union Is Seeing a Steady Accretion of Power to Brussels

Come to America, John Paul
Parents Must Reclaim Responsibility for Educating Their Children

Distrust and Verify
Citizens' Trust in Government Is a Major Reason for Its Poor Performance

Sen or Sense
We Must Not Ignore the Morality of the Marketplace

Abolish Legal Tender
It's Time to Return Currency to the Free Market

Small Is Awesome
Large Corporations Will Not Come to Dominate the Economy

A Program the Borg Would Love
Canada Proposes National Child Care

The Life of a Grand Old Liberal
Moses Harman's Early Struggle for Women's Rights

A One-Armed Economist, Please
Lord Bauer Knows Where He Stands

Privatize the Airports!
Economic Theory and Experience Demonstrate that Public Airports Don't Work

Captain Consumer
Consumers Are Merciless Bosses

The Market for Honesty
The Free Market Penalizes Dishonest Business People

Countless Wonders
Free Markets Let Entrepreneurs Help Everyone

You Can't Phase Out a Monster over Seven Years

We Need a Global Fed?
Central Banks Cater to Political Interests

Those Dirty Rotten Taxes: Tax Revolts that Built America by Charles Adams
A Strong Case for Abandoning Intrusive Direct Taxation

Enterprising Southerners: Black Economic Success in North Carolina, 1865-1915 by Robert C. Kenzer
A Convincing, Lucid Account of Postbellum Black Success

The Costs of War: America's Pyrrhic Victories edited by John V. Denson
Why Advocates of Limited Government Should Oppose War

Enviro-Capitalists: Doing Good While Doing Well by Terry A. Anderson and Donald R. Leal
Capitalism and Environmentalism Go Hand in Hand

Between Power and Liberty: Economics and the Law edited by Richard M. Ebeling
An Argument for Private Property and Self-Governance

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