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February 1997

Volume 47, 1997


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Property Rights and Law Among the Ancient Greeks

The Success of Western Civilization Owes Much to the Greeks
February 01 1997 by ,

Law, Custom, and the Commons

Cultural, Customary, or Informal Arrangements Are Often the Best Way to Protect the Commons
February 01 1997 by ,

How Fishing Communities Protect Their Future

We Don't Need Government to Regulate Fishing
February 01 1997 by ,

How Property Rights Can Spur Artificial Reefs

Artificial Reefs Enhance the Marine Environment and Benefit Environmentalists and Recreationists
February 01 1997 by ,

An Environment Without Property Rights

Private Property Rights Will Help Undo the Eastern Bloc's Environmental Degradation
February 01 1997 by , ,

It Takes a Market

The Market Provides Countless Needed and Wanted Goods and Services
February 01 1997 by ,

The True Takings Reform Imperative

The Power of Eminent Domain Should Be a Power of Last Resort
February 01 1997 by ,

Economic Freedom: Its Measurement and Importance

Free Economies Are More Prosperous
February 01 1997 by ,

Today's War on Property

When Will We Speak Out against Violations of Private Property Rights?
February 01 1997 by ,

Privatize Public Highways

Private Ownership of Highways Would Yield Improvements in Safety and Efficiency
February 01 1997 by , ,

Frederick Douglass: Heroic Orator for Liberty

Douglass Put a Human Face on the Horrors of American Slavery
February 01 1997 by ,

Frederick Douglass made himself the most compelling witness to the evils of slavery and prejudice. He suffered as his master broke up his family. He endured whippings and beatings. In the antebellum South, it was illegal to teach slaves how to read and write, but Douglass learned anyway, and he secretly educated other slaves. After he escaped to freedom, he tirelessly addressed antislavery meetings throughout the North and the British Isles for more than two decades.

Homeschool Heroes

Homeschooled Children Score High on Tests and Are Eagerly Accepted by Universities
February 01 1997 by ,

Of all the ingredients in the recipe for education, which one has the greatest potential to improve student performance?

The Failure of Politics

Government Is No Substitute for Individual Responsibility
February 01 1997 by ,

As my Cato Institute colleague Ted Galen Carpenter has pointed out, people once thought that the President's primary duty was to represent America in foreign affairs. Today many people think he is supposed to be national nursemaid. Instead of expecting their pastor to feel their pain, many Americans want the President to empathize with them when they experience hardship, help them cope with tragedy, and give meaning to their lives.

Which Is the Best Inflation Indicator: Gold, Oil, or the Commodity Spot Index?

Gold Maintains Its Purchasing Power over the Centuries
February 01 1997 by ,

This column developed out of a running debate I've had with the editors of the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. In the financial news, the Times highlights the price of oil as the best indicator of commodity prices and inflationary expectations. The front page of the Wall Street Journal publishes nine prices and indices, including oil and the Dow Jones Commodity Spot Index, to reflect activity in the financial markets.

European Malaise

European Countries Are Experiencing Surprising Economic Turmoil
February 01 1997 by ,

Perspective: Understanding Property Rights

Private Property Rights Are Key to a Prosperous Society
February 01 1997 by ,

Book Review: Hidden Order: The Economics of Everyday Life by David Friedman

A Book Sure to Keep Readers Laughing, Learning, and Thinking
February 01 1997 by ,

Book Review: Government: Servant or Master? Edited by Gerard Radnitzky and Hardy Bouillon

Can the Coming of a Euro-Leviathan Be Halted?
February 01 1997 by ,

Book Review: Austrian Economics: An Anthology edited by Bettina Bien Greaves

A Thorough Grounding in Austrian First Principles
February 01 1997 by ,

Book Review: The Heroic Enterprise: Business and the Common Good by John M. Hood

Market Solutions Are Superior to Government Solutions
February 01 1997 by ,

Book Review: Generation X Goes to College: An Eye-Opening Account of Teaching in Postmodern America by Peter Sacks

What's Wrong with Today's College Students?
February 01 1997 by ,

Book Review: Faith & Credit: The World Bank's Secular Empire by Susan George and Fabrizio Sabelli

The World Bank is Inherently Opposed to Economic Freedom and Property Rights
February 01 1997 by ,

Book Review: Oil, Gas, & Government, 2 Volumes by Robert L. Bradley, Jr.

The Petroleum-Refining Industry Carries a Heavy Legacy of Destructive Government Meddling
February 01 1997 by ,

Book Review: Travels with a Hungry Bear: A Journey to the Russian Heartland by Mark Kramer

A Highly Readable Account of the Pernicious Economic and Social Effects of Collectivism
February 01 1997 by ,

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