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February 1997

Volume 47, 1997

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Property Rights and Law Among the Ancient Greeks
The Success of Western Civilization Owes Much to the Greeks

Law, Custom, and the Commons
Cultural, Customary, or Informal Arrangements Are Often the Best Way to Protect the Commons

Property Rights Among Native Americans
Property Rights Encourage the Efficient and Careful Use of Resources

How Fishing Communities Protect Their Future
We Don't Need Government to Regulate Fishing

How Property Rights Can Spur Artificial Reefs
Artificial Reefs Enhance the Marine Environment and Benefit Environmentalists and Recreationists

An Environment Without Property Rights
Private Property Rights Will Help Undo the Eastern Bloc's Environmental Degradation

It Takes a Market
The Market Provides Countless Needed and Wanted Goods and Services

The True Takings Reform Imperative
The Power of Eminent Domain Should Be a Power of Last Resort

Economic Freedom: Its Measurement and Importance
Free Economies Are More Prosperous

Today's War on Property
When Will We Speak Out against Violations of Private Property Rights?

Privatize Public Highways
Private Ownership of Highways Would Yield Improvements in Safety and Efficiency

Frederick Douglass: Heroic Orator for Liberty
Douglass Put a Human Face on the Horrors of American Slavery

Homeschool Heroes
Homeschooled Children Score High on Tests and Are Eagerly Accepted by Universities

The Failure of Politics
Government Is No Substitute for Individual Responsibility

Which Is the Best Inflation Indicator: Gold, Oil, or the Commodity Spot Index?
Gold Maintains Its Purchasing Power over the Centuries

European Malaise
European Countries Are Experiencing Surprising Economic Turmoil

Perspective: Understanding Property Rights
Private Property Rights Are Key to a Prosperous Society

Book Review: Hidden Order: The Economics of Everyday Life by David Friedman
A Book Sure to Keep Readers Laughing, Learning, and Thinking

Book Review: Government: Servant or Master? Edited by Gerard Radnitzky and Hardy Bouillon
Can the Coming of a Euro-Leviathan Be Halted?

Book Review: Austrian Economics: An Anthology edited by Bettina Bien Greaves
A Thorough Grounding in Austrian First Principles

Book Review: The Heroic Enterprise: Business and the Common Good by John M. Hood
Market Solutions Are Superior to Government Solutions

Book Review: Generation X Goes to College: An Eye-Opening Account of Teaching in Postmodern America by Peter Sacks
What's Wrong with Today's College Students?

Book Review: Faith & Credit: The World Bank's Secular Empire by Susan George and Fabrizio Sabelli
The World Bank is Inherently Opposed to Economic Freedom and Property Rights

Book Review: Oil, Gas, & Government, 2 Volumes by Robert L. Bradley, Jr.
The Petroleum-Refining Industry Carries a Heavy Legacy of Destructive Government Meddling

Book Review: Travels with a Hungry Bear: A Journey to the Russian Heartland by Mark Kramer
A Highly Readable Account of the Pernicious Economic and Social Effects of Collectivism

Property Rights in the Family and Beyond
How Private Property Creates Harmony

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