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February 1996

Volume 46, 1996

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How High a Price for Civilization?
Is the Current Level of Taxation in America Really Necessary?

Original Intent and the Income Tax
The Income Tax Has Been One of the Biggest Impediments to Entrepreneurship and Growth in America

Taking Taxes: The Case for Invalidating the Welfare State
Funding Social Welfare Programs with Tax Dollars Violates the Takings Clause

Does Big Mean Bad? The Economic Power of Corporations
Market Competition Is More Powerful than Big Corporations Are

Virtual Liberty
The Internet Allows Ordinary Citizens to Subvert Long-Existing Power Structures

No, Fred, There Is No Free Enterprise--At Least Not Here
North Carolina's Motor Vehicle Dealers and Manufacturers Regulations Code Is Legal Plunder

Cultivating Dissent: Wetlands Regulators Down on the Farm
Excessive Regulation Threatens the Brace Family Farm

Is Social Security Pro-Family?
Giving Private Obligations to Government Weakens Family Ties

Increasing Access to Pharmaceuticals
Reforming the FDA Would Reduce Suffering and Early Deaths

Freedom, Militias, and the Violence Inherent in the System
What Are the Root Causes of Militias?

War and Liberty in American History
Wars Bring the Many Under the Domination of the Few

Victor Hugo: Liberty and Justice For All
Hugo's Literary Output Was a Leading Light for Liberty

Another Shocking Reversal in Macroeconomics
Paul Samuelson Has an Amazing Change of Heart

The Perversion of Economic Development
Taxpayers Foot the Bill for Business Incentive Packages

. . . Paved With Good Intentions
Modern Liberals Are Blind to the Practical Consequences of Their Policy Prescriptions

Machiavellian Politics
Politicians and Government Officials Ignore the Code of Morals That Governs Private Conduct

Once Again, Freedom Is at Fault
Liberty Requires Eternal Vigilance

The Freedom Revolution
Witty and Incisive Truisms on Public Policy

Nonessential Government
Which Government Services Are Essential?

Bioethics Opportunities, Risks, and Ethics: The Privatization of Cancer Research
The Government-Academic Monopoly Denies Treatment to Cancer Patients

Japan: Who Governs? The Rise of the Development State
Japan's Success Has Come in Spite of Bureaucratic Manipulation

Guns, Crime, and Freedom
A Tidy Collection of Arguments and Evidence Against Gun Control

Risk-Compensating Behaviors Offset Intended Safety Benefits

From Here to Economy: A Shortcut to Economic Literacy
A Struggle to Recover from Keynesian Wounds

Private Rights and Public Illusions
The Welfare State Neither Reflects nor Promotes Human Dignity

Land Rights: The 1990s Property Rights Rebellion
The First Reference Book for the Property Rights Movement

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