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December 2005

Volume 55, 2005

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Why Not Monetary Freedom?
The Best Monetary Policy Would Be No Monetary Policy at All

Hurricane Katrina Shows that Government Is Too Small?
Bureaucracies Cannot Prevent or Mitigate Damage from Natural Disasters

Africans Whom Westerners Should Heed
Foreign Aid to Africa Is Harmful

The Mad-Genius Controversy
Our Ideas about Mad Geniuses Are Modern Inventions

Economics for the Citizen, Part III
Relative Prices, Not Absolute Prices, Influence Behavior

Mitigating Disaster: Abolish FEMA and Let Gas Prices Rise
Taxpayer-Funded Disaster Relief Is Inefficient and Ineffective

Repeal Davis-Bacon
Taxpayers Are Hit Twice by Anticompetitive Government Construction Contracts

Manuel Ayau: Guatemala’s Liberal Searcher
Guatemala Boasts an Impressive Community of Classical Liberals

The Futility of the Government Airline Bailout
Government Assistance Does Not Guarantee Business Success

U.S.-China Relations after CNOOC
China Needs Less Government and More Markets

New Labour
There Is No Feasible Alternative to Real Capitalism

The Roots of Poverty in Latin America
What Accounts for the Stark Differences Between the United States and Latin America?

Energy: The Master Resource
What Role Should Government Play in Energy?

Meltdown: The Predictable Distortion of Global Warming by Scientists, Politicians, and the Media
A Nontechnical and Readable Exposé

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