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December 2001

Volume 51, 2001

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Socialized Medicine Is the Problem
Demand Continues to Exceed Supply in Canada's Health Care Market

Wire and Rails: Comparing the Web and Railroads
The Internet Has Little in Common with the Transcontinental Railroads

No Yahoo! for New Shareholder Plan
"Shareholder Rights" Plans Often Benefit Existing Management while Shortchanging Shareholders

Knut Wicksell: A Sesquicentennial Appreciation
Wicksell's Ideas Have as Much Interest Today as When He First Penned Them

Rolling Back the Market: Economic Dogma and Political Choice by Peter Self
Another Critique of the Free-Market System

Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men Through Capitalism and Freedom!
Open Markets and Competition Bring Peace and Prosperity

Let Our Allies Defend Themselves
The United States Is Under No Obligation to Put the Interests of Other States or People First

Tethered Citizens
The Welfare State Is Immoral

Energy Production versus Conservation
Free-Market Prices Communicate How Much to Produce and How Much to Conserve

America and the World's Resources
The World Is Not a Zero-Sum Game

Terrorism Is Good for the Economy?
The Broken Window Fallacy Lives

It Didn't Happen Here: Why Socialism Failed in the United States by Seymour Martin Lipset and Gary Marks
Did Socialism Really Fail in America?

Microfoundations and Macroeconomics: An Austrian Perspective by Steven Horwitz
An Excellent Foundation of an Austrian-School Approach to Macroeconomics

When in the Course of Human Events: The Case for Southern Secession by Charles Adams
A Multifaceted Critique of the Most Central Event in American History

One Market Under God: Extreme Capitalism, Market Populism, and the End of Economic Democracy by Thomas Frank
Frank Seems an Old-Fashioned Socialist

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