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December 2000

Volume 50, 2000


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WHO's Hidden Agenda

WHO's Agenda Is Neither Patient-Friendly Nor Protective of Individual Freedoms
December 01 2000 by ,

Why Classical Liberals Should Love Harry Potter

Government Plays a Strikingly Small Role in Harry's Magical World
December 01 2000 by ,

They're Just Dying to Be Rescued

Gun-Control Propaganda Brainwashes Potential Victims
December 01 2000 by ,

Capitalism and the Zero

Numerous Financial Innovations Flowed Directly from the Discovery of Zero
December 01 2000 by ,

High Savings Rates and Asia's Economic Crises

A High Rate of Saving Does Not Guarantee High Growth
December 01 2000 by ,

Standing to Gain from Tattling

Professional Tattling Is Big Business for Environmental Advocacy Groups
December 01 2000 by ,

Universal Values

Classical-Liberal Political Values Are the Fundamental Rules of Human Decency
December 01 2000 by ,

Forgotten War in a Forgotten Country

War Consumes Lives in Burma
December 01 2000 by ,

From a distance the jungle looks peaceful. Dense, green plant growth covers hills that march endlessly onward. Primitive villages emerge in simple clearings: wood and bamboo buildings, covered by thatched roofs, sitting on stilts, and open to rain, animals, and mosquitoes.

Death by Government Protection

The Promise of Government Protection Gives Consumers a False Sense of Security
December 01 2000 by ,

How Government Prevents Us from Buying Safety

There Is a Stronger Bias to Expand Regulations Than to Increase Safety
December 01 2000 by ,

There is a limit to how much people will voluntarily pay to reduce the risk of accidental injury or death. In other words, the marginal value people place on their lives is finite. We accept some risks to take advantage of opportunities to do things that, at the margin, provide more value than the expected sacrifice in health and life expectancy.

Economics on Trial

Does Austrian Business Cycle Theory Have Merit?
March 01 1995 by ,

Last month, I wrote about the long-standing debate between the Monetarists and the Austrians, which surfaces at practically every Mont Pelerin Society meeting. Both schools are ardent defenders of the free market, yet they fight incessantly over methodology and economic modeling.

Don't Fear Deficits

What the Government Spends Money on Is Usually More Important Than How It's Financed
December 01 2000 by ,

Divide and Conquer

What Makes Friendly Relations Between Human Beings Possible?
December 01 2000 by ,

Markets Aren't Efficient?

Kinsley Is Right to Challenge the Realism of Mainstream Economics
December 01 2000 by ,

The New Anti-Liberals

A Program of Social Equality and Tolerance Has Been Transformed
December 01 2000 by , ,

The Day of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor

Commanders Were Deprived of Vital Military Intelligence
December 01 2000 by , ,

Power Grab: How the National Education Association Is Betraying Our Children

Paying Homage to the Union Doesn't Help Students
December 01 2000 by , ,

Beer and Circus: How Big-Time College Sports Is Crippling Undergraduate Education

An Exposé That Should Cause a Reassessment of Higher Education
December 01 2000 by , ,

Vital Remnants: America's Founding and the Western Tradition

The Amnesia of Our Day Is a Potentially Deadly Malady
December 01 2000 by , ,

A Cure Worse Than The Disease: Fighting Discrimination Through Government Control

Affirmative Action Is an Assault on Freedom
December 01 2000 by , ,

Ignoring Real Privacy Problems

Guess Who Is the Most Egregious Violator of Your Privacy?
December 01 2000 by ,

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