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December 1999

Volume 49, 1999

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Why Y2K?
The Y2K Decision Was Rooted in Imperfect Information

Reclassifying a Classic
A Christmas Carol Does Not Support a Welfare State

States' Rights Revisited
State Independence Checks Federal Aggrandizement

Freedom and Foreign Investment
Large International Corporations Are Not So Horrible After All

The Poverty of Regulation
Interventionists Deceive an Unsuspecting Public

A Lesson in Political Management
UNC's Campus Crisis Is Self-Created

The Force of Economics
Economics Is Everywhere

China's Flirtation with Keynesian Economics
Deficit Spending and Money-Printing Will Not Improve China's Economy

The Collectivist Illusion
Humanity Is Not an Organic Whole

Unfettered Powerful Extremes
Slogans Camouflage Weak Arguments

Government Education Reinvents Government
Public Schools Exist Primarily for the Benefit of the State

Decoding the North Korean Enigma
Washington Should Disentangle Itself from Northeast Asia

Other People's Business
Government's Role Is Not to Shield People from Themselves

Politics and Foreign Trade
Governments Reduce Economic Productivity by Taxing and Restricting Imports

Heilbroner's One-Armed Philosophers
Heilbroner Suffers from a Highly Prejudicial, Unbalanced View of Economics

5,999,999,999 and Counting
Should We Be Worried About Population Growth?

The Fed Sets Interest Rates?
Many Complex Market Forces Determine Interest Rates

Individualism in Modern Thought from Adam Smith to Hayek
Social Phenomena Can Be Explained in Terms of Their Simpler Components

Freedom and Virtue: The Conservative/Libertarian Debate
There Is No Coherent Conservative Position

World Disorders: Troubled Peace in the Post-Cold War Era
Outsiders Cannot Solve Intractable Problems in Foreign Countries

The Food & Drink Police: America's Nannies, Busybodies and Petty Tyrants
A Splendid Counterattack Against Busybodies Who Want to Dictate What You Eat and Drink

Toward the Renewal of Civilization: Political Order and Culture
Society Manages Itself Better Than Any Rationalistic Intellectuals Ever Have or Could

A Private-Sector Solution to Poverty
How Muhammad Yunus's Micro Lending Program Helps the Poor

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