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December 1995

Volume 45, 1995

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The Arts in a Free Market Economy
Capitalism Is a Prescription for Producing and Distributing Great Art

Ludwig van Beethoven's Joyous Affirmation of Human Freedom
Beethoven Inspired the World

Experiencing Socialist Britain
A Personal Tale of Work in Two Nationalized Industries

No Thanks, Uncle Sam
Entrepreneurial Women Can Make It On Their Own

Coming to America: The Benefits of Open Immigration
America Owes Its Heritage to Open Borders

Thinking Carefully About Macroeconomics
Defenders of the Market Should Understand Fundamental Issues in Macroeconomics

Why Economists Need to Speak the Language of the Marketplace
Keynes' Modern-Day Followers Continue with His Distortions of Language

In Praise of Train Wrecks
It Is Time to Ask Basic Questions About the Role of Government

The Stagnation Thesis Is Back!
Macroeconomic Policy Changes Would Increase Economic Growth and Productivity

Love and Envy
Welfare States Inflict Misery by Stirring up Voter Resentment

Whose Economics, Which Economic Liberalism?
Lucas' Theories Burst Economists' Keynesian Hubris

The Foundations of American Constitutional Government
Modern Interpreters Twist the Constitution

The Case for Free Trade and Open Immigration
Our Welfare State Is to Blame for Any Adverse Consequences of Immigration

Simple Rules for a Complex World
That Government Is Best Which Governs Least

Liberty and the Great Libertarians
Sprading Resolutely Uses the Term "Libertarian"

Public Policy and the Quality of Life: Market Incentives versus Government Planning
Holcombe Discredits the Solutions He Favors

Discovering a Good Society Through Evolution and Design
The Best Social, Legal, and Political Institutions Must Be Discovered

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