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December 1995

Volume 45, 1995


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The Arts in a Free Market Economy

Capitalism Is a Prescription for Producing and Distributing Great Art
December 01 1995 by ,

Ludwig van Beethoven's Joyous Affirmation of Human Freedom

Beethoven Inspired the World
December 01 1995 by ,

Experiencing Socialist Britain

A Personal Tale of Work in Two Nationalized Industries
December 01 1995 by ,

No Thanks, Uncle Sam

Entrepreneurial Women Can Make It On Their Own
December 01 1995 by ,

Thinking Carefully About Macroeconomics

Defenders of the Market Should Understand Fundamental Issues in Macroeconomics
December 01 1995 by ,

Why Economists Need to Speak the Language of the Marketplace

Keynes' Modern-Day Followers Continue with His Distortions of Language
December 01 1995 by ,

In Praise of Train Wrecks

It Is Time to Ask Basic Questions About the Role of Government
December 01 1995 by ,

The Stagnation Thesis Is Back!

Macroeconomic Policy Changes Would Increase Economic Growth and Productivity
December 01 1995 by ,

Love and Envy

Welfare States Inflict Misery by Stirring up Voter Resentment
December 01 1995 by ,

Whose Economics, Which Economic Liberalism?

Lucas' Theories Burst Economists' Keynesian Hubris
December 01 1995 by ,

The Foundations of American Constitutional Government

Modern Interpreters Twist the Constitution
December 01 1995 by , ,

The Case for Free Trade and Open Immigration

Our Welfare State Is to Blame for Any Adverse Consequences of Immigration
December 01 1995 by , ,

Simple Rules for a Complex World

That Government Is Best Which Governs Least
December 01 1995 by , ,

Liberty and the Great Libertarians

Sprading Resolutely Uses the Term "Libertarian"
December 01 1995 by ,

Public Policy and the Quality of Life: Market Incentives versus Government Planning

Holcombe Discredits the Solutions He Favors
December 01 1995 by ,

Discovering a Good Society Through Evolution and Design

The Best Social, Legal, and Political Institutions Must Be Discovered
December 01 1995 by , ,

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