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December 1993

December 1993

Volume 43, 1993

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An Ancient Principle

The Economic Way of Thinking Part 3: The Free Market System
No free market can exist without several necessary conditions.

The American Educational Establishment, 1993
What are undergraduates learning about wealth?

Toward a Market in Higher Education
Public universities are a form of welfare.

J. Gresham Machen: A Forgotten Libertarian
This leading conservative Christian theologian opposed almost any extension of state power.

Macro Mistakes
Aggregate statistics may have nothing to do with the situation of any individual.

Little Lessons in Larceny
The messages learned in childhood are often the most enduring.

Learning From Experience
Why have so many so-called intellectuals fallen in love with Communism?

The Case for Happy Endings
Negative literature tends to foster negative attitudes.

A Nation of Children
Americans can't be free while relying on a central authority to care for them.

Thomas Chalmers and the Poor Laws
Outdoor relief undermined the economic conditions of the poor and laboring classes.

A Reviewer's Notebook: Refuting Oswald Spengler
Duignan and Gann discuss post-war recovery and the special role of the U.S. in creating an Atlantic Community.

Failure and Progress: The Bright Side of the Dismal Science
Capitalism is a vehicle for constructive change.

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