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December 1978

Volume 28, 1978


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Glory Be!

December 01 1978 by ,

True glory consists of the service of truth and freedom.

The "Invisible Hand" or the Heavy Hand?

December 01 1978 by ,

A timely reminder of the dangers we face if we allow controls to close the market.

Government Spending Must Be Cut

December 01 1978 by ,

Meaningful tax reform hinges on the moral strength to resist special privileges government may arrange.

Native Pottery Only

December 01 1978 by ,

A study of the harmful effects of "protectionism," as applied during the Civil Waror today.

Austerity, Waste, and Need

December 01 1978 by ,

In the absence of market signals, the regulator faces severe information problemsand consumers suffer needlessly.

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1978/12

December 01 1978 by ,

"Adam Smith and the Wealth of Nations" edited by Fred Glahe

"Adam Smith: Man of Letters and Economist" by Clyde E. Dankert

"Government by Judiciary: The Transformation of the Fourteenth Amendment" by Raoul Berger

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