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August 2002

Volume 52, 2002

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A Model for Medical Tyranny
The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act Violates Numerous Rights

If Alan Greenspan Lived In Huntsville, Alabama!
Why Is It Okay to Set the Price of Money?

The Contradictions of Capitalism
Capitalism Is the Eternal Scapegoat

A Beautiful Movie, Lousy Economics
The Academy Award-Winning Film Isn't Exactly Accurate

What Happened to China?
A Nation Gets the Government It Deserves

Tragedy in the Judicial Commons
The U.S. Supreme Court Has Granted Legal Standing to Those with Unproven Harm

The Inhumanity of Population Control
The Perceived Problems of Global Population Growth Are Failures of Governance

Was the Beautiful Mind Sick?
Hollywood's Dubious Contribution to Public Education about Mental Illness

The Four Sources of Happiness: Is Money One of Them?
Income and Satisfaction Are Related

An Alternative to Failed Foreign Aid
Direct Assistance Is Far More Effective

Where's the Objectivity?
Is An Idea Bad If It Doesn't Support Your Agenda?

Myths of the New Deal
Did FDR's Legislation Really Help the

Escaping Modernity
Escaping Commerce and Commercial Culture Is Genuinely Easy

Bad Logic Kills
Why Don't CAFE Standards Conserve Gasoline and Oil?

Ted Koppel Needs Antitrust Protection?
Safire's Economic Arguments Are Profoundly Ignorant

Ludwig von Mises: The Man and His Economics
A Brief Yet Substantial Book

Pharmacracy: Medicine and Politics in America
The Therapeutic State Is about Tyranny, Not Therapy

The Transfer Society
Americans Waste Considerable Resources on Wealth Transfer

The Fed: The Inside Story of How the World's Most Powerful Financial Institution Drives the Markets
The Fed's Economists Can't Correctly Predict and Control the Economy

In Defense of Free Capital Markets: The Case Against a New International Financial Architecture
Does the International Monetary Fund Create Financial Stability?

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