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August 2001

Volume 51, 2001

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Spencer's Law: Another Reason Not to Worry
The Less of a Problem There Is, the More That Is Written about It

The Rule of Law and Freedom in Emerging Democracies: A Madisonian Perspective
There Is No Viable "Third Way"

An Aristocracy of Pull?
Rewarding People on the Basis of Their Status Does More Harm Than Good

Government: Head or Hand?
We Have Given the Government an Inch and It Has Taken a Mile

Freedom of Education: A Civil Liberty
Why Subject Education to Coercion?

The Positive Nature of Risk
Removing or Shifting Risk by Government Fiat Is Not a Panacea

Why Do Immigrants Own Inner-City Stores?
Economic Analysis Provides the Answer

The Sorry Record of Foreign Aid in Africa
African Governments Are Destroying Their Countries with Aid from the West

On Reading History
Trade Is the Great Civilizer

Public Money for Private Charity
Government Is in a Position to Corrupt Faith

Letting Competition Reign
The Post Office Remains a Backward and Inefficient Monopoly

The High Cost of Command and Control
The EPA Misses Opportunities for Low-Cost Pollution Control

Unions Draft Temporary Workers
The NLRB Makes Up the Rules As It Goes Along

Prosperity Through Inequality
Income Inequality Promotes Human Well-Being

Tax Cuts Cause Trade Deficits and Currency Depreciation?
Modigliani and Solow Are Wrong on All Counts

Losing the Race: Self-Sabotage in Black America by John H. McWhorter
Cultural Factors in Black America Restrain Achievement

There's No Place Like Work by Brian C. Robertson
A Willingness to Coerce Undermines the Book's Message

Reaffirming Higher Education by Jacob and Noam M. M. Neusner
How Did University Education Stray So Far from Its Purpose?

A Phone of Our Own: The Deaf Insurrection Against Ma Bell by Harry G. Lang
A Fascinating Account of the TTY Story

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