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August 2000

August 2000

Volume 50, 2000

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In Praise of Athletes' High Salaries
The Explosive Growth of Athletes' Salaries Indicates That We Have Become More Prosperous

A (Revisionist) Walk in the Park
Trailside Markers Can Shape Our View of the World

The Declaration of Independence: It's Greek to Me
The Radical Ideas Behind the Declaration of Independence Were Not New

The Butter Monopoly?
Antitrust Laws and Enforcement Are Plagued by Many Faults

Mandatory Student Fees and Freedom of Speech
Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right

Exploiting Asthmatic Children
The EPA Overstates the Public Health Benefits of its Air-Quality Rules

Economists' Misplaced Faith in an Invisible Hand
Economists Should Relax Certain Scholastic Norms and Do More Policy-Relevant Work

The Right of Resistance
What Should Be Done When Government Betrays Its Promises?

Downsizing, 1860s-Style: Lessons from the Pony Express
The Telegraph Put Mail Carriers Out of Work Overnight

The Drug War's Assault on Liberty
Drug Prohibition Has Increased Government Intrusion

Freedom of Association
Immigration Restrictions Limit Natives' Choices, Too

Guns, Gun Laws, and Liberty
Gun Ownership Is Not the Problem

Visiting the Killing Fields
Incredible Evil Is Often Cloaked with the Rhetoric of Humanity

It Can't Happen Here?
Social Engineers Are Masters of Incrementalism and Obfuscation

Marriages, Mistresses, and Marginalism
Economics Can Help Us Understand Family Dynamics

Economics on Trial
Does Austrian Business Cycle Theory Have Merit?

OSHA at Home
OSHA Imposes Billions in Compliance Costs and Confers Zero or Negative Benefits

Getting It Right
Editorialist Sebastian Mallaby Writes in Favor of Free Trade

Private Investment Is More Risky than Social Security?
Social Security Offers Terrible Returns

15 Great Austrian Economists
Interesting Discussions of the Austrian School's Greatest Proponents

Free Trade Versus Protectionism: A Source Book of Essays and Readings
Clear Arguments on Both Sides of the Free Trade Debate

In Praise of Hard Industries
Coercive Solutions to the Supposed Decline in U.S. Manufacturing

The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization
Globalization Is Likely to Lead to More Peace

Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace
Lessig Prefers State Control to the Spontaneous Order of the Free Market

More Liberty Means Less Government: Our Founders Knew This Well
A Healthy Dose of Common Sense

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