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August 1999

Volume 49, 1999

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Train Wreck
America's Railroads Are a Stark Reminder of What Happens When Government Intervenes

A College Fund on the Social Security Model
How Will the Government Afford Its Social Security Obligations?

Freedom and Morality in the Plays of Tom Stoppard
Stoppard's Plays Show an Intellectually and Theatrically Coherent Rejection of Relativism

Friendship and the Free Society
Liberty Facilitates the Development of Meaningful Human Relationships

The Immorality of Antitrust Law
Antitrust Laws Are Inherently Discriminatory

Paranoia About Paranoia in American Politics
Does Fear of Government Equal Insanity?

William H. Hutt: A Centenary Appreciation
Hutt Was a Courageous Voice for Free-Market Economics

Greens Against Greens
Why Is It So Difficult to Play Golf on Long Island?

Protection for Bad Managers
Anti-Takeover Legislation Violates Shareholders' Property Rights

True False Consciousness
Capitalism Doesn't Foster False Consciousness

James U. Blanchard III: Champion of Liberty and Sound Money
Blanchard Devoted His Life to Numerous Noble Causes

Voluntarism Should Be Voluntary
People Should Serve Others Because They Want To, Not Because the Government Pays or Forces Them

May the Force Not Be With You
The History of Trade Is One of Peace and Cooperation

Conservation and Speculation
Private Property, Market Exchange, and Speculators Achieve Sensible Conservation

Say's Law Is Back
Steven Kates Rehabilitates Say's Law of Markets

An Open Letter to the California Legislature
Do Unions Confer Net Benefits on the Workers They Represent?

Winners and Winners
Free Market Activity Is a Win-Win Process

Markets Need a Hidden Fist?
Businesses Succeed or Fail Because People Either Want Their Products or Do Not

The Great Depression: An International Disaster of Perverse Economic Policies
Macroeconomics Alone Cannot Explain Historical Events

The Noblest Triumph: Property and Prosperity Through the Ages
Property Rights Define the Nature of the Community

Two Lucky People
An Easygoing Narrative

Global Greens: Inside the International Environmental Establishment
International Treaties Increasingly Shape U.S. Environmental Policy

The Choctaw Revolution
Achieving Success without Government Intervention

Banned in Austin
Why Did a Texas Judge Ban Self-Help Legal Software?

Academic Freedom on Religious Campuses
Included in the Right to Freely Associate Is the Right to Not Associate

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