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August 1998

Volume 48, 1998

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Technology and Happiness
It Is Not Up To One Man To Decide What Makes Others Happy

How to Get Action
The Only Way to Truth Is Through One's Own Person

It's a Jungle Out There! What We Can Learn from the Privatization of Zoos
Private Enterprise Can and Will Take Over Services That Government Vacates

Mafia Capitalism or Red Legacy?
Russia Needs Privatization, Tax Relief, and Deregulation

A Letter from Russia
Russia Seems to Be on the Right Path

Great Myths of the Great Depression
Popular Accounts of the Depression Belong in a Book of Fairy Tales

Capitalism: Discrimination's Implacable Enemy
Free Enterprise Has an Anti-Discrimination Effect

Individualist Feminism: The Lost Tradition
Libertarian Feminists Do Not Believe in Governmental Solutions

What's Left of Marxism?
Intellectual Marxism Lives On

Outmoded Paternalism
We Can Teach American Teens to Drink Gradually, Safely, and in Moderation

Creative Apathy
Washington Is the Headquarters for Wealth-Destroyers

Specialization and Wealth
Free Markets Extend the Range of Cooperative Specialization

Who Wins in Strikes?
Union Officials Have Different Interests Than the Rank and File

Arrogant Antitrusters
Government Bureaucrats Don't Understand Entrepreneurial Specialists

It Just Ain't So!
The Free Market Produced Extensive Information about the Health Hazards of Smoking

Why Our Children Can't Read and What We Can Do About It
A Plethora of Information About the Literacy Crisis

Liberal Racism
Are Coercive Government Policies the Path to Racial Equality?

Common Sense and Common Law for the Environment: Creating Wealth in Hummingbird Economies
An Excellent Book Grounded in the Real World

The Virtue of Civility: Selected Essays on Liberalism, Tradition, and Civil Society
Freedom Has Never Existed in a Moral Vacuum

Property and Freedom
Zoning Laws Are Built on Sand

J.-B. Say: An Economist in Troubled Times
Insight into Say's Thoughts on Economics, Politics, History, and Culture

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