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August 1997

Volume 47, 1997

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The Pine Barrens Parousia: A Reporter's Notebook
A Tale of Local Government Tyranny against Landowners

Government Funding for Not Training Doctors: Another Odd Program
Fewer Doctors Will Increase the Cost of Health Care

Fore: Watch Out for Government Golf!
There Is No Justification for Government Involvement in the Golf Business

Henry Grady Weaver's Classic Vision of Freedom
The Real Story of American Business

Government: An Ideal Concept: Leonard Read's Formula for Freedom
Read's Book Is a Milestone in Political Thought

Why Managed Trade Is Not Free Trade
Free Trade Is the Application of Laissez Faire across International Borders

One Life for Liberty
Nathan Hale Gave His Life for the Cause

Anne Robert Jacques Turgot, Who First Put Laissez-Faire Principles into Action
Turgot Was a Man of Truth, Courage, and Compassion

Deregulation: Coming to a Utility Near You
Electricity Is a Prime Candidate for Vigorous Deregulation

Is Voluntarism Enough?
For Civil Society to Do More, Political Society Must Do Less

Coercivists and Voluntarists
A Superior Vocabulary Helps Distinguish Liberty's Friends from its Foes

A Private-Enterprise Gold Standard?
Why Shouldn't Businesses Quote the Prices of Their Products in Gold?

Red Flag Over Hong Kong by Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, David Newman, and Alvin Rabushka
An Unsavory Political Struggle Will Determine the Fate of the Six Million People of Hong Kong

Facts, Not Fear: A Parent's Guide to Teaching Children About the Environment by Michael Sanera and Jane Shaw
School Textbooks Are Misinforming Young People about Environmental Issues

Libertarianism: A Primer by David Boaz
A Handy and Timely Introduction to an Appealing Alternative to Statism

Epitaph for American Labor by Max Green
Labor Unions' Big-Government, Socialistic Agenda Is Contrary to Their Interests

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