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August 1996

Volume 46, 1996


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Why Laws Backfire

Laws Have Numerous Unintended Consequences
August 01 1996 by ,

The Incredible Regulatory Follies

Whatever Happened to a Wise and Frugal Government?
August 01 1996 by ,

Ancient Lessons

A Crushing Tax System Collapsed the Roman Empire
August 01 1996 by ,

Thielicke on the Modern Welfare State

The Responsibility of Love Cannot Be Transferred
August 01 1996 by ,

The One-Minute Shed

To the Bureaucratic Mind, a Rule Is a Rule
August 01 1996 by ,

Big Labor and Big Government

Without Big Government, Labor Leaders Are Stripped of Power
August 01 1996 by ,

Defining Justice

Socialists Manipulate Language to Advance Their Ideology
August 01 1996 by ,

The Economic Costs of Sexual Harassment

Expansion of a Crime's Definition Obscures Genuine Instances of It
August 01 1996 by ,

Berton Braley, Commercial Poet

Braley Was a Dedicated Philosopher of Freedom
August 01 1996 by ,

Wanted: A Line Between Public and Private

We Must Place Limits on the Expenditure of Public Funds for Private Purposes
August 01 1996 by ,

 Government, most people believe, should spend public money for public purposes and should rarely spend public money for private purposes.

Minimum Wage Plus

Fixing Wages Destroys Jobs
August 01 1996 by ,

Is Inflation Dead?

Faulty Monetary Thought Paved the Way for Monetary Destruction
August 01 1996 by ,

A New Beginning for Freedom

We've Challenged the Fiction That Our Rights and Income Originate with Government
August 01 1996 by ,

Deregulating Freight Transportation

Transportation Regulation Limited Options and Increased Prices
August 01 1996 by , , ,

Roads in a Market Economy

Roth Argues for a More Efficient Transportation System
August 01 1996 by , ,

The Political History of Economic Reform in Russia, 1985-1994

The Testimony of an Important Witness to Communism's Failure
August 01 1996 by , ,

The Free Society

Pollock Advocates Gradualism but Offers Steps Toward Greater Liberty
August 01 1996 by , ,

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