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August 1994

Volume 44, 1994

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Bunnie Rabbit, Winnie, and the Grand Plan
The Most Constricting Scarcities Are Those of Character and Personality

Reforming America's Medical System Through Deregulation
Nationalizing Health Care Won't Improve Americans' Health

Perspective: Bunnie Rabbit, Winnie, and the Grand Plan

Reforming Americas Medical System Through Deregulation

Is Canadian Health Care a Good Model for the U.S. to Follow?
Americans Have an Idealized Vision of the Canadian Health Care System

If You Build It, They Will Come
California's Medi-Cal Program Encourages Waste and Fraud

Environmental Regulation: Just as Bad as Any Other
Private Property Rights Best Allocate Resources

The Power of Positive Example
Graduates' Actions Can Shape Society for the Better

Ideas and Consequences: The Power of Positive Example

At Home, But Hardly Alone
Why Do So Many Families Want Their Children Out of Public Schools?

The Natural Disaster Protection Act: A Disaster Waiting to Happen
Insuring Disaster-Prone Areas Results in Greater Losses of Life and Property

Free Markets and Externalities: The Symmetry of Unintended Effects
Could Climate Change Have Positive Effects?

Labor Cartels, Competition, and Government
Unionized Workers Form Legal Cartels

One Information Superhighway: Take It or Leave it?
Citizens Should Resist the Idea of a Single Superhighway

Houston Says No to Zoning
Zoning Has Numerous Costs

The Case Against Managed Fair Trade and Strategic Trade
Free Trade Is Still the Best Option for Prosperity

Get a Grip, Garth!
Abolishing Used CD Sales Would Benefit Neither Musicians nor Record Companies

Why Old Proverbs Dont Apply Anymore

Some International Neglect Would Be Good for Africa
Foreign Aid Has Unintended Consequences

Eating the Seed Corn
Two Major Confiscatory Policies Discourage Investment

Pensiongate: The Emerging Crisis of Church Investments
Pastors Are Being Short-Changed by Their Church Council's Investment Philosophy

Do English Cathedrals Need Government Help?
Government Funding Compromises the Spirit of Idealism on Which Voluntary Groups Depend

What's Missing from this Picture?

Correction, Please!

Public Education: An Autopsy
The Rationale for Public Education Is Dead

Book Review: Public Education: An Autopsy by Myron Lieberman

Bargaining with the State
The Doctrine of Unconstitutional Conditions Can Rein in State Power

The Endangered American Dream
There Is No Peace or Mutually Beneficial Trade in Luttwak's World

Book Review: Bargaining with the State by Richard Epstein

Book Review: The Endangered American Dream by Edward N. Luttwak

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