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August 1964

Volume 14, 1964


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How to End Poverty

August 01 1964 by ,

Dean Russell argues most convincingly that there is a peaceful way to overcome poverty, whereas "war" is reminiscent of the old Marxian "class struggle."

A National Policy for Peace

August 01 1964 by ,

Wars will not be necessary, Dr. Mises contends, if people will see that economic freedom best serves their own interests.

Nuclear Giants and Ethical Infants

August 01 1964 by ,

There are two types of knowledge, according to Leonard Read, and it is as important to know why as to know how.

Reservation Fever

August 01 1964 by ,

The Reverend R. J. Rushdoony, from his work among American Indians, has seen the difference between a medicine man and a chief.

A Ten Dollar Cadillac

August 01 1964 by ,

A Midwestern statesman pokes fun at the philosophy of something for nothing.

The Public Demands (?)

August 01 1964 by ,

A competent observer and analyst of the Washington scene explodes the myth that growing government intervention is in response to popular demand.

The Curse of Machinery

August 01 1964 by ,

Henry Hazlitt finds the modern fears of automation remarkably like the reactions to the Industrial Revolution two centuries ago.

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1964/8

August 01 1964 by ,

John Chamberlain shares Isaac Don Levine's view that Marxist fires are dying and Charles Sopkin's evidence that opportunity still knocks for those with ambition.

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