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April 2007

Volume 57, 2007

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Ending the Welfare State Through the Power of Private Action
Americans Are Moving Away from Political Paternalism

Fiscal Force
Is the Income Tax Voluntary?

The Stock Market Is a Swindle?

Congressional Generosity
Congress Says It May Tax Whatever It Darn Well Pleases

The Great Contraction, 1929–33
New Ideas about Government Intervention in Recessions Worsened the Great Depression

Hayek on Closed Shops and Yellow Dogs
Hayek's Advocacy of Government Interference in Union Contracts is Contradictory

Tolls on the Road to Serfdom
U.S. Income Tax Policy Undermines Individual Liberty

Freedom Is the Environment's Best Friend
Environmentalist Ignorance Obstructs Science and Progress

The Struggle to Subdue Luck
The War against Luck Cannot Be Won

Miners, Vigilantes, and Cattlemen: Property Rights on the Western Frontier
Strong Property Rights Allow Peace and Order to Prevail

Cable-Franchise Reform: Deregulation or Just New Regulators?
Cable-Franchise Reform Reduces Costs and Improves Choice for Consumers, but Government Regulation Is Still Problematic

Visible and Invisible Hands
Liberal Market Orders Recognize the Importance of Self-Directedness to Morality

The Trouble with Diversity: How We Learned to Love Identity and Ignore Inequality

The Vanity of the Philosopher: From Equality to Hierarchy in Post-Classical Economics

The Money Lawyers: The No-Holds-Barred World of Today's Richest and Most Powerful Lawyers

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