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April 2006

Volume 56, 2006

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The Great Austrian Inflation
A Tale of Social Democratic Fiscal Policy

A Higher Gasoline Tax Will "Solve Everything"?
John Tierney's Modest Proposal

The Origin of American Farm Subsidies
One Group Should Not Be Taxed to Support Another

New Urbanism: Same Old Social Engineering
Narrow Preferences Should Not Be Imposed on the Entire Nation

The Disconnect Between Political Promises and Performance
The Negative-Sum Approach Is Politically Compelling

Antonio Rosmini: Philosopher of Property
This Catholic Priest Understood the Dangers to Liberty

So Much to Read!
Ten Books by Creative and Brilliant Libertarian Scholars

Economics for the Citizen, Part IV
Property Rights Affect Resource Allocation

Jeffersonians in Space
Serenity Comes from Individual Freedom

How Public Transit Undermines Safety
Automobile Travel Is Safer Than We Think

Arthur Seldon's Contribution to Freedom
A Celebration of the IEA's Cofounder

The High Cost of Misunderstanding Gasoline Economics
Why Do Prices Rise after Disasters?

As Frank Chodorov Sees It
Are John Stuart Mill's Ideas Dated?

The Political Sociology of Freedom: Adam Ferguson and F. A. Hayek
Spontaneous Order Is Superior to Government Planning and Control

The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy: An Economist Examines the Markets, Power, and Politics of World Trade
Trade Benefits Even the Poorest Participants

Welfare for Politicians?: Taxpayer Financing of Campaigns
Dismantling Arguments in Favor of Campaign Finance Reform

Restoring Free Speech and Liberty on Campus
University Policies Stifle the Expression of Unpopular Sentiments

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